Stuck On Lesson 7

  • Mike Sanchez
    Mike Sanchez


    I followed lessons along the way til I got stuck in Lesson 7. I get different errors on my own eclipse vs the errors shown in the video. Thus, my eclipse doesn't give me the same options for quickfix as the video shows. I created the Book.Java class manually just as my attempt to follow the tutorial. But when I run a test, I still get errors/failure, even though my codes are the same as shown on the video.

    Hopefully, you can advise what went wrong and how I might be able to fix this. It seems I'm unable to post photos, so I created a blog to show the images:

    Thanks for all your vids! Til Lesson 7, I've been able to follow. Can't say that I actually comprehend fully…but I'm trying ;)

  • Mark Dexter
    Mark Dexter

    I think you might be importing the wrong book class. It looks like you are importing a standard Java book class instead of the one you wrote. Good luck. Mark