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Introducing persistence – lesson I - ...

  • LeonHardd

    Introducing persistence – lesson I  - try-catch use improvement

    Hi Mark,

    First of all, I extremely want to thank you about the efficient and lovely tutorials that you have created.
    I want to indicate you that it is possible to improve the explanation of how the try-catch statements works (Introducing persistence – lesson I  - try-catch use @ 10:55) by adding some line of printing code above and bottom the division, just like I have done:

        long x= 1;
        x= 9876;
        System.out.println("this line will be ALWAYS print !");
        x = 1 / 0;
        System.out.println("this line will be NEVER print! every instruction bottom this point will never be reached");
        x= -1234;
        catch(ArithmeticException ae)
        x= 77; // i think that is better using a value different from 0 to set x, just after a zero divide!
        System.out.println("can not divide by zero!");
        System.out.println("this line will be print x= "+ x);

    I hope my small indication could help you to make a little clearer the explanation..
    I will be happy if there will be continue in other tutorial issues for Java and Eclipse.
    Thanks for your efforts!

    PS: actually I’m learning Repast Simphony (http://repast.sourceforge.net/), so I have started to learn eclipse, is there any guide for it?
    Thanks a lot!!