Moving to New Domain

This is not a really big news since many of you already know that the location of the subversion repository was changed in the past months, however I want to officialize the changes and notify some other changes, as well as show that the project is still actively developed.

The project is now hosted on its own domain using Trac an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. The subversion repository is now located at

Using Trac and our own subversion repository has many advantages. The issue tracker can be accessed using Mylyn from within Eclipse. We have full access to the subversion repository settings, so it is now possible to have more fine grained permissions and allow contributors to work on specific branches or features.

In the next days, I'll move the mailing lists to the new host and close the mailing lists and discussion forums on Sourceforge. All discussions will take place on the mailing lists only, they are more easy to manage and partecipate.

Since we are using Trac for issue tracking, the Sourceforge tracker will be disabled shortly.

Sourceforge will continue to serve the files downloads and will be a mirror for the EclipseTrader update site.


Posted by Marco Maccaferri 2008-09-27