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#70 Quick database selection

Heiko Hilbert

On host I have 3 databases. And I need to quick flip between them. Goog idea: set current database ("USE database_name") by double click on it (I`s work in many over SQL Explorers).


  • When database selected, it`s name usually bold.

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  • Heiko Hilbert
    Heiko Hilbert

    Hi Roman,
    the idea ist not bad bat becomes a little bit complicated in realization. The database structure view is independend from the current SQL-Editor. You can have multiple databse structure views on different connections open at on time. The same is for SQL-Editor. One solution could be to add an option like 'link structure view with current editor'. I will have a look at it.
    For quick databse selection you can use the combo box in the action bar of the SQL Editor. This box is updated if you execute an 'use database xxx' statement in the editor too.

  • Heiko Hilbert
    Heiko Hilbert

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  • Ok. Now I use combobox.
    Link structure view with current editor is a goog idea too.

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  • Changed to feature request.