Hi. I'm Trying to use HTF for testing and I followed the YouTube tutorial, but I'm running into trouble. Once the test suite has been generated I'm unable to run it. The video shows that a right-click on the project displays the context menus with options "Validate" (above "Run SourceGraph"), "Run As..." and "Debug As..." (just below "Cabal Install"). My first problem is that I don't get these options at all. I see that there is a "Test Suites entry created, and when I right-click the test suite executable I do get the options "Run as HTF test", etc. But when I click it I get a dialog asking me to select a launch configuration to run, but there are no configurations to choose from and the "OK" button is disabled. 

I tried creating my own run configuration under HTF test, but I'm not sure what should I give as "Working Directory", and there is no option to specify the executable, so when I try to run it, I get an error saying that it could not locate the executable to launch.

So what can I do?


Ernesto Posse

Modelling and Analysis in Software Engineering
School of Computing
Queen's University - Kingston, Ontario, Canada