Hi everybody,

I had hoped to get this started sooner, but you know how it is ;-)

As you know, I have been working recently on yet another approach to use existing Haskell code from Eclipse plugins. This includes, but is not limited to, such tools as HaRe or the GHC API, which is of course most interesting for us in the context of EclipseFP - but the context is larger. I'm also interested in integrating Darcs more deeply (that is, using its Haskell API directly instead of calling the executable), and even in integrating Haskell code other than development tools with Eclipse plugins ( e.g. in RCP applications).

With the encouraging feedback from this list and from the 'Haskell in Leipzig' meeting, I've made another approach to find a solution for this problem, and finally I think I have made a bit of progress. The result is a new prototype, which is now in such a state that I think it is possible to see how it might work one day ;-). It goes under the name 'Cohatoe' (Contributing Haskell to Eclipse), and I have made a provisional download page here:


You can find the downloads, update site and darcs repo address there. I suggest you start with installing all three features and have a look at the examples. Any feedback is very welcome :-)

For the moment, this works only on Windows, but that is just because I haven't a Linux or Mac machine at the moment for compiling and testing the native code. If anybody is interested in doing this - it should be pretty simple to do. Let me know if I can help (I could for instance create the platform-specific fragments and put them into the darcs repo).

I have a lot of scattered architecture sketches, documentation fragments and code snippets lying around on my hard disk. (I also have a bunch of todo list snippets for cohatoe with them ;-) Since this is all experimental and I don't want to spend long hours to write docs which may become obsolete, I have created a blog where I will put them in the next weeks. I will also post announcements etc. there, so if you are interested: http://cohatoe.blogspot.com - any comments are of course very welcome.

Thanks && ciao,