[bug+workaround] update not working, cant run


  • Anonymous

    I updated from the pre-2.0.3 version to 2.0.3 and to 2.0.4 (GHC 7 support, thank you!)

    There are no run options for Haskell (like the interactive sessions: ghci, hugs98)
    When I do: Help -> Install new software -> What is already installed? -> Uninstall EclipseFP
    => I cant run Haskell via EclipseFP (the "configuration" appears to still referr to "haskell")

    (There are also 2 Haskell perspectives <Haskell> and <<Haskell>> o_O
    They look like this, when reset to default perspective:
    * <Haskell>: "Project explorer" is broader, "Outline" is broader, tabs: Tasks, Problems, Console, Search
    * <<Haskell>>: "Project explorer" is smaller, "Outline" is collapsed, Tabs: Tasks, Problems, Console, Search, Progress, Error Log)

    Workaround: delete EclipseFP configuration manually and reinstall

    $ whereis eclipse
    > … /usr/share/eclipse …
    $ ls /usr/share/eclipse
    > … EclipseFP stuff …
    $ rm -rf /usr/share/eclipse
    $ … reinstall EclipseFP (or maybe eclipse itself) …

    Now, when I restarted eclipse, suddenly scion gets build (didn't happen before) and I can see the options for Haskell interactive sessions again.