No syntax colouring

  • I just installed Eclipse FP, and everything seems to be working fine except that I have no syntax colouring. I know that my source files are being parsed correctly because I had some hlint warnings (which I've fixed). I've restarted Eclipse, but that didn't help. I searched the forum for both "color" and "colour", but none of the posts I found were relevant.

    I do have  hoogle, buildwrapper, scion-browser, test-framework, test-framework-quickcheck2, test-framework-hunit, SourceGraph, alex, happy, and uuagc installed.

    I'm running Debian Sid on a 64-bit machine.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Problem solved. My project name had an accented character in it. I copied the project directory and renamed it, then started a new project in that directory, and I now have syntax colouring.

  • JP Moresmau
    JP Moresmau

    This is an issue, an accented character should be possible in the project name. Which version of GHC do you use?

  • I'm using GHC v7.4.1. I suspect it wasn't a problem with the project name per se, but the (matching) directory name.

  • JP Moresmau
    JP Moresmau

    OK, I've fixed buildwrapper to actually handle accented characters, but then on my windows machine it's the compilation via ghc and everything that fails on the directory name. So I'm adding an error message in the new project wizard if you have non ascii characters in the name.