Can't see plugin in Eclipse 3.2

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  • I love this plugin, you did a great job, good guy

  • It's work well, i love it

  • After unzipping, I see the com.essiembre.eclipse.i18n.resourcebundle_0.7.7 directory under eclipse\plugins directory.  Is this all we need to do because this version 3.2.2 of eclipse does not display the "ResourceBunddle editor" anywhere.  You can add or associate the .properties to this editor.

    Can someone help resolve this issue?  If it is working with 3.2, can't imagine what prevents the editor from working with 3.2.2.

  • Sorry. In the previous email, it should read 'You can NOT add or associate the .properties to this editor.'

  • Funny, after I updated the subclipse 1.0.6 and restarted eclipse, the Resourcebundle Editor showed up in the preference menu.  I then associated the .properties file type with this editor and now it works beautifully.

  • Thumbs up, this plugin works great ...

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