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#57 Trouble with fragments


There seems to be some kind of functionality involving fragments and resources at work, but I cannot decipher what it is.

Bottom line is, I cannot use the Resource Bundle Editor the way that I am used to, if a fragment exists of the plugin that I'm working in.

See attached video demonstration. You will notice that after I create the properties file, the Default view is missing. I can create it using New, but it is created without the .properties extension next to my file.


  • Anonymous

    Couldn't attach the demo, it was too large. Here is the link to it:

  • I had the same issue. A workaround would be to close all fragment-plugins you do have. The disadvantage of that is, that all properties files within the fragments are not displayed.

    I had briefly looked into the src code and IMHO the issue is within the FragmentResourceFactory.java (line 148ff). There the Factory looks up all SourceEditors for the host plugin and only add them if the locale is not null. In my case, I had a default locale properties files (messages.properties) within the host plugin and so that was not shown in the editor.
    If I change the lines to:

    for (SourceEditor parentEditor : parentEditors) {
    if (parentEditor != null) {

    it works for me.

  • Please find attached the patch file for what I have tried.