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#20 Strong performance problems on large files with 0.7.0

Andrey Loskutov

First, many thanks for your plugin.

Second - I have strong performance issues with the latest
0.7.0 release for Eclipse 3.1 (with default settings).
My resource boundles (4 languages) contains over 1200
key-value pairs each and this was ok to edit them with 0.
6.0 version. If I try to open one resource bundle in the 0.
7.0 version, then Eclipse is not responding and blocks for
about 1-2 minutes... The editing is also not more
possible because of blocking for minutes...

I cannot attach bundles here because of private
information, but the testcase should be simply: create a
number (> 1000) of random key-value pairs for 4 locales
and try to open it in 0.7.0 version.


    • milestone: 494694 -->
    • summary: Strong performance problems with 0.7.0 --> Strong performance problems on large files with 0.7.0
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    Some default features are known to affect performance on
    large files. Go in Window/Preferences/ResourceBundle
    Editor/Performance and try disabling all options. Let me
    know if there is still a performance issue after that. If
    disabiling features work for you, maybe I should have more
    features turned off by default?

    I will test with very large files myself when I have a
    chance and see where I can improve performance.

    Thanks for reporting this issue.

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    Please notice the very big difference between 0.6.0 and 0.7.0 -
    I have tested with the same bundles, on same PC. I will try to
    disable all "features" tomorrow, but I need (and i love) the
    "missing" values marker. AFAIK if I disable *all* performance
    related checkboxes, then the "missing" values warnings will
    be not shown? I have tried to disable some of then (I think, two
    last checkboxes on the bottom of preferences page) this
    morning, but it doesn't help.

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    • milestone: --> 494693
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    Thanks for your feedback. If displaying the warning icons
    alone was not a performance issue for you before, there is
    no reason it should be now. There has been major
    refactoring of the key tree which was intented to make the
    tree more responsive and, ironically, more performant. It
    obviously does not seem to be the case for you. I will do
    my best to investigate and resolve those performance issues
    whenever I have a chance.

  • Sebastian M.
    Sebastian M.

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    I can confirm the performance impact. I turned off all
    "performance options", but loading the property file (about
    1300 keys) and inserting new keys freezes my eclipse for
    about 20+ seconds.

    Best regards,

    Sebastian (SMLP)

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    After turning off the "expand tree" on load preference, the
    performance increased (from ~1 Min. to ~20 Sec. with enabled
    "missing values" marker preference), but this is still not
    acceptable compared to 0.6.0 version.

    Disabling *all* preferences on the preformance page AND
    disabling "expand tree" preference increases load performance
    to ~6 Sec. But in the 0.6.0 version I always had the "missing
    values" marker turned on, without any problem.

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    I have attached a temporary plugin release with a fix in it.
    If you feel response it better, I will keep that fix for
    the next official release. Usage is at your own risk, but
    if you do, please give feedback. There is still performance
    issues when switching from "tree" view to "flat" view. I am
    still working on that.

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    Due to file size limitation, the attached test release does
    not have flag icons and source code in it. They will of
    course be in the official release.

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    Hi Pascal, I will be able to test it first next tuesday, ok?
    Thanks for the patch.

  • Sebastian M.
    Sebastian M.

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    I tested the fix, performance is a lot better now and in my
    opinion ok.

    Best regards,


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    Since "smlp" tests and mine on the temporary fix release
    were conclusive, I have released 0.7.1 with the fix in it.
    I also have addressed the performance problem when switching
    from "tree" to "flat" mode. That last one is not perfect
    (still a bit slow on large files), but it is much better (it
    even has a wait icon while switching).

    Don't hesitate to report other "non-acceptable" performance

    • milestone: 494693 --> Fix_included_in_an_existing_release
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed