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Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in 4.4.2 released

The Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in 4.4.2 has been released.
The new version fixes some incompatibilities with the hot-off-the-press Eclipse 3.4 (aka Ganymede). Thanks to the good people at the Eclipse project (especially Daniel Megert) for the support in fixing those issues.

Details as usual in the release notes: http://eclipse-cs.sourceforge.net/releasenotes/4.4.2/release_notes.html

Enjoy, this release will most likely be the last in the 4.x.x stream - as my focus has shifted to the upcoming Checkstyle 5 and consecutive 5.0.0 release of the plugin.

Lars Ködderitzsch

Posted by Lars Koedderitzsch 2008-06-25