Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in 4.1.0 final released

Following the release of Checkstyle 4.2 the eclipse-cs team proudly presents you the final release of the Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in 4.1.0, which of course uses the latest Checkstyle version.

Version 4.1.0 further improves teamworking support by introducing "local configurations", which means that all necessary project setup data can be stored with the project. This way when a new team member checks out a project from version control Checkstyle will be already set up for this project.
No more lame excuses for not using Checkstyle...
The new feature is explained in detail here

In 4.1.0 we began to implement a quick fix feature. Using these you can fix some Checkstyle warnings very easy - similar to quickfixes the Eclipse Java Editor offers.
Currently quickfixes are implemented for the following Checkstyle checks:

More of this is to be expected for future releases but we are also hoping for some helping hands in implementing more quickfixes.

Please read the release notes (also of the beta releases leading to this release) for more info about fixed bugs and implemented features, here

Posted by Lars Koedderitzsch 2006-07-10