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#107 Annotate (blame) view

Mattias Rundgren

I think it would be good to be able to see who last edited a line.

As a first step it would be good to just show the output from cleartool annotate in a view together with line number info.

As a second (later) step it would be cool to integrate the info into an existing editor (e.g. Java or CDT). I also saw a pretty nice annotation extension for IBMs clearcase plugin, with an annotation overview view...


  • Is it not the same who edited the file? How does this differ. Do you have an example?


  • Yes, if you run cleartool annotate -out - file.txt
    on file.txt with content:
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3

    you could get a output similar to
    2012-01-23 pmattru /main/1 | Line1
    2012-03-24 eranol /main/2 | Line 2
    2012-01-23 pmattru /main/1 | Line 3

    which reveals that it was I that did the last edit on line 1 and 3 and it was you who altered something on line 2.

    If I do not understand what is written on line 2, then it is easy for me to see that I should pick up the phone and have a chat with you about that line.


  • Interesting feature. Is any other vcs tool using it?