How can I Hijack a file I am looking at ?

Ben Turner
  • Ben Turner
    Ben Turner

    As part of my work, I need to Hijack config files quite often. Is there a machanism for doing this from the Eclipse GUI ?

    Currently the only way I have found to do it is to revert back to Clearcase explorer, which is obviously a little inconvienient ?

    If there is not a mechanism for this in the plugin, would it make a suitable feature request ?

    I am relatively new to Clearcase (long time CVS developer) so my request here may not make sense to more experienced users. Happy to be shot down should that be the case !


    • you can simply hit Alt-Enter to open the properties on the file you're looking at and remove the read-only attribute, just like you would do with the windows explorer, and start working on it...

      that's what hijacking the file means :) (stop the file from being synchronized with an update)


  • Anonymous

    Alt-ENTER does'nt work on multiple files… any ideas?

  • Hi,

    Is it not possible to hijack files using the clearcase menu? Select the files that you want to hijhack. And select the hijack in the menu.