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Nonmaster flag from 2.2.16 prevents checkouts

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia

    Hey there, I'm guessing this is the right place to ask, and my title is pretty self explanatory.

    The 2.2.16 version of the ClearCase plugin made a change so that all checkouts use the -nmaster flag, which gives me the following error every time I try to check something out:

    "cleartool: error: nonmastered checkouts are not permitted"

    I'm guessing this might have something to do with my config spec's rules, but I'm wondering if the -nmaster flag could be made optional.  I didn't see an option in the preferences to turn it off (or maybe I'm blind haha), would something like that be possible?  The plugin has existed for a long time without it, so I don't see a reason why it should be forced on now.

    I appreciate all of your hard work, and I'll continue using 2.2.15 for now :D.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for using plugin.

    Yes you can turn off the -nmaster flag.

    Window -> Preferneces -> Team -> ClearCase -> Source Management -> Use -master flag when adding resource

    This is valid for checkouts too.

    I will try to add that to text.



  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia

    Ohhhh ok, I didn't know that option applied to checkouts as well… I should have tried it I guess :P

    Thank you for the quick response, I'll upgrade now!