#101 Deployment is broken with Azure SDK 1.6

Daniele Muscetta

I tried using the Eclipse plugin for using PHP on Azure today, and found that it is broken with Azure SDK 1.6.

In SDK 1.6, the SDK pieces are installed in a separate, different folder from the Development fabric and storage emulator. Previously, they were in the same folder.
This means that the eclipse plugin tries to find the azure utilities in the SDK folder, based on the ONLY path it allows you to set in the preferences  but it doesn’t find all the executables it is searching for.
This means that, when trying to “Run Windows Azure PHP project in Development fabric”, this silently fails, and the project is never actually packaged and deployed to the compute emulator.
When trying to deploy to the real cloud, you get an error which is more clear, saying "the system cannot find the file specified" (trying to load CSRUN.exe) - see attched screenshot.

Now, since some of the binaries are under “C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.6\bin” and some others are under “C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Emulator\emulator”, and the plugin only allows you to enter ONE path where to find those things, it is not working.

I worked this around for the time being by creating a single folder, and dumping all the files together. Probably some symbolic links would work too… but I believe it would be best to have the plugin updated.