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#71 Maven report - Allow using classes of other modules


Based on this discussion

The JaCoCo Maven plugin's Report goal doesn't allow to use classes from other modules.
Which effectively makes the report goal only usable for unit testing, not integration testing.

The report goal's configuration must be re-worked.

Other modules artifact's could be used for classes.
In case sources are needed too, the plugin could be provided certain path and it would load the project and scan all it's submodules for sources and classes.


  • May I ask you to propose an "API" (in terms of goal configuration options) that will satisfy your use cases?


  • Anonymous

    Same need here: we'd like to have unified reports from a single jacoco.exec that contains coverage info from several modules.
    The more convenient behaviour would be that the report task look at sources also in all children modules, and to enable it on poms. So we can configure prepare-agent and reports plugins in a parent pom and get unified results.


  • Anonymous

    I have a patch that allow reports to be generated by looking also at source folders of children module. How can I contribute it?

  • Patch submitted by mickael.istria

  • Hi guys,

    I'll take care to review this patch as soon as will have free time.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the hard work on jacoco! Happy users of jacoco for "manual" builds we have the same requirement to incorporate jacoco in automated builds of our real-life multi-module projects.

    We hope it would be possible to generate one single jacoco report for hierarchies of maven modules.

    Also we commonly put unit and integration tests in a distinct maven module. Where we do that jacoco does not see the classes actually tested, as they are in another sibling module. It would be nice to be able to configure the location(s) of classes to be considered by jacoco.