Installation of eclemma 2.1.0 on Eclipse 3.8

  • I've succesfully used eclemma on eclipse 3.7, but after installing it eclemma (using update site) on eclipse 3.8, the menu to run coverage does not appear. I don't see a message in my workspace's error log, it is visible in my installation details, but I don't see the icon under run… (in Java perspective). Also, I looked under 'customize perspective' and could see any command group named  'Java Code Coverage' (following the instructions at

    I thought that the marketplace information said it was functional with 3.8 ( Am I doing something wrong? If I'm doing this correctly, what information do you need to debug?

  • Eric Jain
    Eric Jain

    The current version of EclEmma (2.1.2) appears to work both with the final releases of Eclipse 3.8 and 4.2.