Can't add different class

  • Stuart Lorber
    Stuart Lorber

    I saw other posts about this error:

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't add different class with same name: org/hsqldb/ClientConnection

    The answer to one post was to get the latest version of eclemma from the update site.  I believe this was from 02/2012.

    I'm using JaCoCo to run tests headless.

    I'm getting the same error.  I grabbed the build from yesterday (07/30/2012) and am still getting the error.

    We will be working on trying to remove dups but at this point I need to know if there's a way to get around this error.

    Thank you.

  • As discussed earlier this limitation is by design and guarantees deterministic code coverage reports. The proper solution is to put different versions of a library (e.g. of the hsql library) in separate groups. Then you get a clean coverage report that clearly shows what has been executed of each version.

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