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Echoes v1.2 Uploaded

The Echoes of Eternity program has been updated and is now available for dowload. Currently the XML file database has been implemented, and further revisions are in progress. Please feel free to leave any suggestions, ideas or comments about the latest file release.

Revision history:

-Added mousedown event to splash screen that allows user to close form when clicked.

-Added preliminary XML code that stores article information and provides read/write capabilities.... read more

Posted by Chris Johnson 2006-04-20

Delay Resolved Enough

After spending the last two months working with volume measurements (4/3 PI AB2), MySQL silent installs, and almost everything to do with the various aspects of GDI+ in recent projects, I'll finally be caught up (relatively speaking) by the beginning of next week and ready to proceed on the Echoes project here at SourceForge.

Having said this, I've slated the next version of the Echoes software for release by or on March 27th. There are many good features being developed (auto-updaters, database implementation, addition of images and content, multiple language compatibility, advanced printing, exception handling ;), HTML Help, NSIS on down the road, etc.), as well as some other ideas in mind, so we'll see what comes out of it in approximately one week.... read more

Posted by Chris Johnson 2006-03-18

Discussions underway

I've recently posted a discussion group at Yahoo! which may help speed up development and organization of the content related to this project. Check it out if you're interested:

All are welcome to participate. In the meantime, more updates are scheduled for next week after I finish a larger work project at hand, and I believe it will flow well and be very user friendly (as much as possible).... read more

Posted by Chris Johnson 2006-01-11

Version 1.0.2182.30501 of Echoes Uploaded

Before leaving on vacation for 10 days or so I thought I would release the most recent version of the Echoes software. A copy of the revision history is listed below.


This version incorporates the following changes:

- Removed System.Threading for splash screen (10 second delay) and instead included a button that allows the user to close the quote window when finished reading.

- Added Class "Quote" and implemented the random quote selection code. ... read more

Posted by Chris Johnson 2005-12-23

Submissions wanted

I'm currently in the process of gathering up quotes, articles, and images for the Echoes of Eternity program and am looking out for some additional interesting and informative content to present. Any submissions that you may have in mind are very much welcome! I hope to have a good base of information by January 3rd, and plan to release the next version soon thereafter.

Posted by Chris Johnson 2005-12-14

1st Release of Echoes of Eternity Uploaded!

The setup and source files are now available on the downloads page for this project. Currently the functionality is limited to the interface and a few various other items, but there's more to come soon. The next version will include a preliminary set of listings for each topic, as well as images and updates to be listed in the next revision history documentation.

Posted by Chris Johnson 2005-12-05

New Echoes of Eternity Program

Just a reminder that the first version of the interface for the Echoes of Eternity program has been submitted (a screenshot only has been posted temporarily), and that the sources will be uploaded shortly. If you have an interest in the humanities, sciences and the further evolution of interest and participation in theories that played (and still play) a major role in shaping humanity then this is a project with great potential for anyone interested. I look forward to seeing it evolve!

Posted by Chris Johnson 2005-12-02