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Beginner howto

  • zeuhl_music

    Hi everybody, this is my first post ever on sourceforge!

    I have installed cedet-1.0pre3 and ECB-2.32, and using the recommended .emacs code ECB cannot fulfill my needs

    I have my C++ dev projects split across different CVS modules : ~/projects/module_1 ~/projects/module_2 ... ~/projects/module_n

    I would like to know how to configure ECB/semantic/semanticdb to be able to open #includes  and parent classes files by clicking on them in the methods buffer.

    For instance if  class_1 in project_1 inherits class_2 in project_2, I'd like to be able to browse between these two, like if I'm browsing a ~/projects/module_1/src/class_1.cpp file, I'd like ECB to be able to open ~/projects/module_1/include/class_1.h or ~/projects/module_2/include/class_2.h or ~/projects/module_2/src/class_2.cpp depending on what I click on.

    I haven't been able to sort this out myself, I would just need to know what to add in my .emacs file and I'll be fine.

    Thank you.