eBus 2.2.4: bug fix release.

eBus v. 2.2.4

Major changes:


Minor changes:

+ Changed net.sf.eBus.util.EventObject to use Object instances on
the event queue, rather than java.util.EventObject instances.

Bug fixes:

+ Removed ESubject deadlock.
[Bug 3606232]

+ ERemoteApp attempts to set the message reply identifier to -1,
which is an illegal argument. Since the default value for the
reply identifier is -1, ERemoteApp should do nothing when the
reply identifier needs to be set to -1.
[Bug 3597445]

+ AbstractSubject.transmitAll(EMessage) now checks if there are
any remote connections and creates the transmit task only if
remote connections exist.
Added method ERemoteApp.connectionCount() to support this
[Bug 3612034]

+ Replaced NullPointerException throws will

Posted by Charles Rapp 2013-04-28