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New forum and issue tracking system

I have replaced the Sourceforge forums and trackers for this project with a proper web-based forum at http://eboxy.sourceforge.net/forum and an issue tracking system at http://eboxy.sourceforge.net/mantis.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2004-02-07

Development branch in CVS

About a week ago I started a development branch in the eboxy CVS repository, called "devel-0-4-0". This is what will become 0.4.0, the next major release of eboxy. I've already completed about 70% of the heavy work that has to be done on the eboxy core before that release, and progress is continuing at a reasonable pace.

If you wish to check out the development branch, feel free do so, but be aware that it may not compile from time to time and there are lots of things that are still broken.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2003-11-14

0.3.7 released, xine plugin in CVS

eboxy version 0.3.7 is now out, and all users are recommended to upgrade. Also, I have made a fairly simple wrapper plugin around the xine library for playing movies inside eboxy. It's not quite finished yet but it is usable. Feel free to check it out and let me know how you get on with it.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2003-06-29

Submit bugs, patches, support & feature requests

I have just updated the SourceForge trackers for this project. If you have a bug, feature request, support request, or patch, please use the appropriate tracker on the eboxy SourceForge project page. I get an email every time a new item is submitted and I try to follow them up as soon as possible.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2003-04-27

0.3.6 re-uploaded

In my haste to release 0.3.6 I forgot to update the internal version numbers, so in some cases (particularly with plugin handling) the previous 0.3.6 would report itself as 0.3.5. I have uploaded an updated tarball with the proper version numbers (that is the only change).

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2003-04-26

0.3.6 released

eboxy 0.3.6 is now out. It is primarily a bugfix release, with a few new minor features. See the changelog for further details.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2003-04-24

Homepage down, but project still alive and well!

The homepage at http://www.bluelightning.org is down and may be for a few days longer, but the project is definitely not dead! I recently committed some changes to the listbox widget into CVS, as well as preliminary support for modifier keys (ctrl, alt...) in key bindings. The next release is likely to be a week or two away. In the mean time, feel free to check out the latest code from CVS as there have been many changes since 0.3.5.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2003-03-17

Plugins added

I have added several plugins in preliminary form into CVS. These include hwsensors, which allows access to lm_sensors from within eboxy; playlist, a playlist manager plugin; and xmmsctrl, a plugin for controlling XMMS.

You can get all the plugins' source code and documentation by issuing the following command:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/eboxy co eboxy-plugins

There is also a MySQL plugin in CVS but this doesn't actually work right now.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2003-01-22

0.3.5 out

eboxy 0.3.5 is out, with some fairly significant improvements. It should be fully backwards compatible with 0.3.4, so please upgrade and let me know if you have any problems.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2003-01-05

0.3.3 out

There have been quite a few bugfixes in 0.3.3, which I have just released. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2002-10-31

0.3.2 out, with bugs

I released 0.3.2 last night, but shortly afterwards I got an email about some bugs. During the course of fixing them I discovered and fixed about 3 or 4 other bugs. I have committed these all to CVS along with some minor feature editions, so you'd be well advised to grab the CVS version until I do another release sometime within the week.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2002-10-28

eboxy now available from CVS

After much frustration I have got 0.3.1 into CVS on SourceForge. There are probably a few files that shouldn't be in there, including the configure script - to build from CVS you first need to run autogen.sh and then run make, and all should be well.

I plan on using the SourceForge CVS for live development, so if you want the absolute latest code, that's where you'll find it from now on.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2002-10-01

0.3.1 out

eboxy 0.3.1 has just been released, with the long-awaited (well, at least by me at any rate) plugin system. Now I can start adding the really useful features, at least as far as entertainment PCs are concerned. I'd especially appreciate feedback on the plugin system if you're a developer, and general feedback is always welcome.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2002-09-29

0.3 out

eboxy version 0.3 fixes some bugs and adds a few minor features. This should pave the way for more exciting features in the next release (eg. plugin support).

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2002-09-01

Sourceforge project up

Welcome to the SourceForge project for eboxy! I'm not yet taking advantage of all of the SourceForge services, but feel free to download eboxy and submit bugs/patches and make comments.

Posted by Paul Eggleton 2002-08-16