Hi, this is directed at the translators:

I've finished making some changes in the eboard code that require some minor translation updates, especially regarding the Help->Keys dialog and a couple of new options in the preferences dialog.

If you don't want to fetch the .po files from the CVS, I've grouped them in this tgz:


Lost/deprecated translations are kept for reference only, you can remove them from the po file if you want to. All translations needing updates are marked as "untranslated". The pt_BR translation is already up-to-date.

If you want to check whether there is anything left to translate, just fetch the code from the CVS and run "./harvest.pl" in the multilang directory, it will show the counts of translated, untranslated and deprecated strings in each .po file.

Once you are done, I only need the updated .po file, which you can attach in a private email to me.

In the next few days I will work on a couple of bug reports that are unlikely to require any new translations, and I hope to release 1.1.2 in the weekend. So if you can email me the updated po files by saturday, that'll do. I'll release 1.1.2 this weekend even if some translations are not updated.

best regards,

-- Felipe