Sorry for not replying earlier.

Technically this can be done. But most variants are like proper names, with no reasonable translation to most languages. Are there hungarian names for crazyhouse, bughouse, blitz/lightning/standard ?

Also, those names are provided by the server, so if eboard is used to connect to a server in a different language (I remember using a French server some years ago), the strings will be completely different.

I don't think it's worth, but I can make it if there is some language where it is reasonable.

-- Felipe

On 5/24/07, Bajusz Tamás <> wrote:
In the (FICS) seek panel there is a game type column getting values from the
seeks like standard/crazyhouse/blitz/...
Am i correct that it can have only a fixed number of strings, so you can
store them in a dictionary or something, and they can be translatable strings,
helping non english users?

Regards: Bajusz Tamás


-- Felipe