#7 Better ICC Support

Felipe Bergo

Hey, Ive tried out eBoards and I love it :) I really
prefer it over running ICC from the console with Xboard

My feature request has to do with ICC. There are a few
features that ICC's own BlitzIn2 has that I would like
to see with eBoard. Seperate windows for events
(current lectures, games, news, and tournament info), a
chat console open under the playing board (so you can
easily chat with others in the "watching room" for that
game), a seek graph with ICC (I can't seem to find a
way to enable the seek graph :)), and finally a way to
close the Ad and Games list without having to kill the
window (as of now clicking on X wont close it).

Thanks for your time guys. eBoard is a great piece of
software with great potential. I appreciate the time
and effort you guys put into it. Thanks alot :)


  • Felipe Bergo
    Felipe Bergo

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  • Felipe Bergo
    Felipe Bergo

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    As I have stated before in the eboard-devel list, I am not
    an ICC user, I don't know the ICC protocol and I am not
    really inclined towards adding ICC support to eboard.
    eboard supports FICS (http://www.freechess.org). If eboard
    happens to work (partially or what not) anywhere else,
    you're just lucky.

    If someone else wishes to wrtie code to explictly support
    ICC, I would accept, but I see no point in spending my free
    time to give profit to ICC.

    The current major issue with ICC that I know is the presence
    of digits [0-9] in handle names , and that makes eboard
    very confused. I don't know how ICC provides seek graph
    info, so I can't say whether adding it is simple or not.

    Adding ICC support should not be hard, and I am willing to
    help someone who would write the ICC protocol support
    (telling what C++ classes s/he must write, how to interface
    with eboard, etc.)

    There are currently many interface issues to be solved, and
    I still need to code Thief-like bughouse support. After
    these are solved, I may consider adding ICC support, but at
    the very least I'd need a free ICC account. In no way I am
    going to pay to play chess or develop software.
    Also, from the very little I know about ICC, the admins do
    not want players using other interfaces than their own,
    because BlitzIn has ways to invade the user's privacy and
    covertly send plenty of information about the user's system
    to the server. The excuse is the prevention of computer
    abuse, but this is an awful behavior for any kind of
    software, and I'll never allow such behavior to be added to
    the eboard code tree (project forking is another matter
    If you, or any other ICC user wants to continue discussion
    on this issue, I suggest joining the eboard-devel mailing
    list and talking there.

    Last, as I have stated in the mailing list, the faster way
    to get eboard to support ICC would be convincing an long
    time ICC user who is a Un*x programmer to write the protocol
    support himself.

  • Chris Howie
    Chris Howie

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    You can open a console below the board. Just resize the window big
    enough and drag the splitter up.