#31 better handling of important events

Felipe Bergo

When playing a FICS game messages in the console window
are easily missed.
These include:

1) draw requests
2) adjourn requests
3) chat messages from opponent

For 1) and 2) a message box should be displayed, asking
for accept/decline.
3) should be displayed on a seperate window, directly
below the chess board.

eboard is the best chess client for X! please keep
up the good work.


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    Commentary on #1 and #2 - I don't believe a message box
    should be displayed at all since ignoring the request is an
    equally valid reaction, and having the message box pop open
    could cause a distraction (especially if your opponent
    wished to send multiple requests to annoy). Perhaps making
    use of some of the space in the window where the
    names/clocks go could be better ... if a
    draw/adjourn/abort/whatever request came in then add a
    graphic area with accept/deny buttons. The code would have
    to be smart enough to know when the accept window has passed
    to remove the button, but this seems like it may be less
    intrusive for the player.

  • Felipe Bergo
    Felipe Bergo

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  • Felipe Bergo
    Felipe Bergo

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    ok, I should really pop up a window in some situations, or
    show some distinctive text on the clock region. This must be
    careful, since popping up a draw dialog at the last second
    of a lightning game will bring rage to the player.
    Meanwhile, you can open the console pane below the board
    (drag the pane divider handle on the bottom right of the
    screen) to have board and console together, or open a
    detached console window (Window -> Detached Console) and
    keep at least part of it visible. And I agree with the last
    comment posted on this request too. I'll try to make
    something non-poppable in the clock area first.

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    I know people have lost games because an annoying opponent has repeatedly offered draw, causing a message box to appear in some clients. This must not be the default behaviour, and it must be configurable, if it is added.

    I wonder if it were possible to attach a small individual console to each board window, so that the tells, offers, kibitzes etc. related to that specific board would be displayed there. A main console would be separate from these.