To which other chess servers can I connect?

  • Nayel Farag
    Nayel Farag


    there is an option in eboard to connect
    to another server (an other than the
    Free Internet Chess Server).
    Well, I have tried to connect to the
    French FICS which address is
    but it does not work, because the user name
    is not transmitted correctly.

    The Server has quite a lot
    of players and offers a Java Applet on its homepage.
    But also belongs to the xboard compatible
    servers,for example it is possible to connect to it with:

    xboard -size mediocre -ics -icshost

    However, a direct telnet connection to
    is not possible. May be this indicates the reason
    why eboard can not connect to

    By the way, congratulations to the good program.
    The online help is good, too. It could be even more detailed!
    The other grafic frontends to chess servers that I know
    have only few documentation and online help.
    Hold on with the development!