#17 non-default console font => ugly output

Felipe Bergo

If I choose a console font other than the default, the output of freechess-commands such as "games", "rank", "finger" etc. is no longer formatted in columns, which makes it a lot more annoying to read. A screenshot of such output can be found here:


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    Forgot some possibly vital info. This is on a debian unstable system, with the eboard-package from the debian archive. Version of gtk is 1.2.10 and of imlib 1.9.11.

    The only fonts installed on my system are those from the following debian packages:
    xfonts-100dpi, xfonts-75dpi, xfonts-base, xfonts-scalable, gsfonts-x11.

    please email me if you need more info

  • Felipe Bergo
    Felipe Bergo

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    There are two kinds of fonts (in any GUI system, be it
    Windows, X11, Mac):
    monospaced and proportional. On monospaced fonts (like
    Windows' System and Courier New and X11's "fixed" family)
    all characters are the same width and it is possible to
    layout tables like ICS does.
    With proportional fonts (where the "i" is thinner than the
    "A") this is impossible. The solution would be drawing
    character per character "monospacing" them by hand, but the
    output would be ugly too (because these fonts are not meant
    to be userd this way) and possibly very slow.

    Using proportional fonts on the console is a bad idea (try
    setting a proportional font on your xterm and type "ls -l",
    the result is the same).
    If you don't like the fixed spacing fonts you have, go get
    more somewhere else :-(

  • Felipe Bergo
    Felipe Bergo

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