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EBLA 0.7.1-alpha Released

After more than a year, I've finally gotten around to releasing a new version of EBLA. This version contains a handful of bug fixes and enhancements. A summary follows below:

1. Restructured source tree such that all source code is now in /EBLA/src

2. Fixed misc Linux/Windows issues among compilation, execution, etc. scripts

3. Updated GUI to use SwingSet 1.0.0-PR2

4. Updated JDBC driver to postgresql-8.0-311.jdbc3.jar... read more

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2005-06-10

Developers Mailing List Added

I have recently created a mailing list for those interested in the development of EBLA.

You can subscribe here:

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2005-05-31

JAR of Experiences for EBLA

There have apparently been some issues with the sf.net download for the JAR file of experiences originally used for EBLA (probably because it is so big). I have placed a copy of the JAR file on my research site for those that need it. Be warned, it is 326MB!

If you're still interested, you can download it here:

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2005-05-29

EBLA and jEDISON 0.7.0-alpha Released

I'm pleased to announce the 0.7.0 release of both EBLA & jEDISON. In addition to a few minor enhancements, I have added an option to determine whether the jEDISON segmentation code is based on the port of the original release (04-25-2002) or the revised release (04-14-2003) of the EDISON C++ code. I did this because I found that, contrary to my expectations, EBLA performed better with the original jEDISON code.... read more

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2004-03-10

EBLA 0.6.0-alpha Released

A year in the making, this is the first major update to the Experience-Based Language Acquisition (EBLA) software system. EBLA allows a computer to acquire a protolanguage of nouns and verbs based on visual perception. As part of this release, the database has undergone a significant restructuring, the vision system has been upgraded to make use of the latest jEDISON code, a GUI based on the SwingSet toolkit has been developed, and a user's manual has been added.

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2004-01-13

jEDISON 0.6.0-alpha Released

Version 0.6.0-alpha of jEDISON has been released. jEDISON is a Java port of the image segmentation portion of the EDISON C++ code developed at Rutgers (http://www.caip.rutgers.edu/riul/research/code/EDISON/index.html). This latest release of jEDISON brings the Java code in sync with the 4-14-2003 EDISON release (it had been based on the 4-25-2002 version).

The major changes are listed below:
1. LUV image data is now stored in floating point format (was integer)
2. Misc bug fixes and elimination of some unnecessary code
3. Added new versions of NonOptimized, Optimized1, and Optimized2 filters corresponding to the three speedup options
4. Fixed some JavaDoc warnings

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2003-11-24

EBLA Paperback Now Available

The paperback version of the dissertation describing the EBLA project is now available. For more information, see the following link:

As always the PDF version is available for free from http://www.greatmindsworking.com.

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2003-01-17

EBLA and jEDISON Migrated to SourceForge

I have migrated all of the source code for EBLA to SourceForge. The CVS module name for the project is "EBLA." The jEDISON subset of the source code is available under the module name "jEDISON."

In addition, I have created souce code release files (0.5.0_alpha) for EBLA and jEDISON. The current release for EBLA includes a GZipped SQL file for the ebla_data PostgreSQL database (with full dataset) mentioned in the ReadMe file.... read more

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2002-12-12


I just secured the "EBLA" project name and hope to move the codebase to SourgeForge soon. In the meantime, please visit http://www.greatmindsworking.com

Brian E. Pangburn

Posted by Brian E. Pangburn 2002-12-10