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Getting started...

Three new forums have been added to start discussion on:

- the business case for ebase Enterprise
- platform and architecture decisions
- what features / processes to port from ebase version 2 to the open source version, what features to enhance, and what features we can safely leave to the realm of the desktop/LAN version

The goal of these discussions is to have assembled a good enough set of product specifications to begin coding starting in September or October, 2003.

Posted by Bob Schmitt 2003-03-13

Weigh in now!

Ideas that have been submitted to date include:

- Modify EZ Publish to use the ebase data structure
- Start from scratch

- Start with Slashcode

- Start from scratch

- Modify OpenACS (http://www.openacs.org)

Techrocks is looking for funding to pursue the OpenACS option. However, no funder bites to date. The MySQL/Postgres PHP port would probably be the easiest, with most potential developers out there in cyber land.... read more

Posted by Bob Schmitt 2002-09-06