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EasyTomcat available now!

We have uploaded a new version of EasyTomcat.

The new version of EasyTomcat includes Tomcat 5.5.27 and Mysql 5.0.51a. Furthermore we have implemented many change requests and also fixed some bugs.

Enjoy EasyTomcat!

Your EasyTomcat-Team

Posted by EasyTomcat 2009-03-29

EasyTomcat out now!

The feature of the new version given below:
- optimized systray menu
- new setting options for Tomcat and MySQL
- Tomcat: new version 5.5.26
- Tomcat: new dialog for user management
- Tomcat: you can set the http port
- Tomcat: you can set the https port
- Tomcat: you can launch Tomcat as a Windows service
- MySQL: new version 5.0.41
- MySQL: you can launch MySQL as a Windows service

Posted by EasyTomcat 2008-04-24

EasyTomcat is available now!

# Version
- new version of EasyTomcat-Updater
- install/delete/reload/view webapplications
- import/export databases
- more detailed statistics for MySQL and Tomcat
- new icons
- bugs fixed

Posted by EasyTomcat 2007-06-14

EasyTomcat v0.6 is comming soon..

We are working on the next version of EasyTomcat. So far we have finished the Beta-Version of EasyTomcat-Updater and we have fixed some bugs in EasyTomcat. Some new features like deployment of an application, war-file or folder will be available.

Furthermore the installer will support desktop icons and shortcuts.

Your EasyTomcat Team

Posted by EasyTomcat 2006-11-17

Corrupt installer

We have fixed the corrupt installer.
We are very sorry that we uploaded a corrupt install file!

Your EasyTomcat Team

Posted by EasyTomcat 2006-11-17

EasyTomcat v0.5 is now available!

- Alle wesentlichen Funktionen sind nun implementiert.
- verbesserte Oberfläche
- neue Designs verfügbar
- Bugs wurden beseitigt
- neuer Tomcat-Server: Version
- neuer MySQL-Server: Version 5.0.21

Posted by EasyTomcat 2006-07-07

EasyTomcat v0.5 is comming soon..

EasyTomcat v0.5 is in production and we try to integrate the main features which should be supported by EasyTomcat. Our plan is to integrate a FTP-Server in version 0.6. After this we try to reach the final version 1.0 of EasyTomcat as soon as possible...

Posted by EasyTomcat 2006-05-15

EasyTomcat v0.4

EasyTomcat 0.4 now supports MySQL 5.0.17 and Tomcat 5.5.17. Some bug were fixed and new features
have been implemented.

New features: Onlineupdate, improved configuration assistent, ...

Posted by EasyTomcat 2006-05-15