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EasyQuiz / News: Recent posts

EasyQuiz 1.4 is now out

This version fixes a big bug in 1.3 and also introduces a new feature where you can view the results of everyone who has taken the quiz.

Posted by Sasha Slutsker 2004-08-29

EasyQuiz 1.3 is out

EasyQuiz 1.3 is out and it includes the new auto-installation feature, making it even easier to install than before. EasyQuiz is a PHP program which can be used to easily make a quiz that will be scored.

Posted by Sasha Slutsker 2004-08-28

EasyQuiz 1.0 is out (Beta over)

Going straight from version 0.8 to 1.0, EasyQuiz is no longer in beta. There shouldn't be any bugs with this version, but there may be. I will continue to update it with more features in order to try and improve it.

Posted by Sasha Slutsker 2004-06-27

EasyQuiz 0.8 out - Big Additions

EasyQuiz 0.8 just came out and includes the option of more than one question per page. (You can choose as many as you want.)

Posted by Sasha Slutsker 2004-06-25

Version 0.6 of EasyQuiz Released

This is the first version to be released to the public, and it should be stable enough for regular use. After the relatively quick installation, you will be able to easily add questions in the admin section. Then, the users can take your quiz. Many features are available in this release, including rankings.

Posted by Sasha Slutsker 2004-06-21