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NUnit Version

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner

    I'm trying to use NUnit 2.2 with the EasyMock.Net RC1.  When I run my test, I get an exception that EasyMock.Net is expecting a 2.1 version of NUnit.  Specifically, it cannot find the appropriate dll.

    FWIW, NMock works fine with NUnit 2.2.  I'd appreciate any help.


    • Jon Skeet
      Jon Skeet

      I've just found the same problem. I'm checking out the source now, and will try to build a version against NUnit. (Actually, I'll have a look and see whether it really requires NUnit at all - I'm not sure why it should.)

    • Jon Skeet
      Jon Skeet

      Righto, have just got it working:

      1) Remove the NUnit reference. (You can remove System.Data and System.XML too.)

      2) Add a new AssertionException exception type. All it needs to have is a constructor taking a string which calls back to System.Exception(string).

      3) Build - the unit tests will fail to build.

      4) In each file which is complaining about an ambiguity, add: using AssertionException = EasyMockNET.Core.AssertionException;
      before the class declaration.

      5) Just to be nice, remove all the places where an exception is caught using a variable, but the variable isn't then used. Lots of warnings currently...

      6) Rebuild and use with whatever test framework you want :)