EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] Version 0.11 beta released

Since the last release of EasyH10, I've got few bug reports and feature requests. I would like to freeze the functional expansion and release the version 1.0 early because I'm getting busier these days. In the first step toward the version 1.0, I release EasyH10 [Win32 GUI] version 0.11 beta, which will be the basis of the stable version.

* Updated the model files for H10 Int'l firmware 2.05
* Fixed several mistakes in dialog messages.
* Added multi-language support for translating EasyH10's dialog and messages into other languages (EasyH10 has been working on platforms in various languages though). I translated dialogs and messages into Japanese and included the language DLL in the distribution.

Before releasing EasyH10 version 1.0, I would like:

* To fix known/possible bugs and problems as possible
* For dialogs and messages to be translated in as many languages as possible
* To improve this web site to be comprehensible and informative
* To fix English errors in this web sites, dialogs, and messages.
* Prepare binaries (rpm, bin, etc.) for various operating systems.

So it would be grateful if you could report a problem (see FAQ), translate EasyH10's dialogs and messages into your daily-use language, revise my English in the dialogs, messages, and web sites.

Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-06-13