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If you would like to see a new plugin or a new feature in EasyEclipse, please submit a support request.
Make sure you provide us with enough information to help us add that new feature.
This is your opportunity to have it your way!
Postings can be anonymous, but if you want to be notified of our progress on that request, please register.
You can also find more information and news on upcomming features and plans on the EasyEclipse web site.
Thanks for asking for something new: that is helping us improve EasyEclipse!

version 1.0.0

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
19 Have a wizard for new JSF project version 1.0.0 open 2006-05-07 2006-05-07 5  
16 Add icon to dmg version 1.0.0 open 2006-04-27 2006-04-27 3  
14 Web site usability version 1.0.0 closed Francois Granade 2006-04-23 2006-04-26 5  
13 add makensis version 1.0.0 open 2006-04-21 2006-04-21 5  
12 Dead link for visual editor on linux version 1.0.0 closed Philippe Ombredanne 2006-04-20 2006-04-26 9  
6 Add desinstaller on mac version 1.0.0 open 2006-04-14 2006-05-04 1