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how do i properly configure eclipse-apache

Rich Urban
  • Rich Urban
    Rich Urban

    am not an idiot - I just feel like one…:-)

    I have tried several ways to set up phpeclipse but so far have failed on some critical step or another.

    I have a few constraints which I wouldn't think insurmountable, but since I already support a web site using this configuration I would strongly prefer not to have to change this (which is why I didn't use the XAMPP bundle):

    1. I am running on Windows Vista (nobody can fix that, but there it is)
    2. I have apache 2.2.8 running as a service to support PHP (C:\apache228)
    3. I have installed PHP 5.25 (C:\php)

    I have the eclipse IDE running and have set up a project that seems to *look* fine. (Currently working with EasyEclipse, but have also tried several other approaches such as pdt and zend).

    I think my problem is that I am just not threading the needle that connects my PHPeclipse Web Development preferences, my apache server and launch preferences.

    Problem 1. I don't seem to have a 'server' available to eclipse. The Server/Installed Runtimes preference is empty and nothing seems to be available to Add…

    Problem 2. I'm really not sure what should be in the Apache section of PHP External Tools. Currently I have "C:\apache228\bin\httpd.exe" in Start Apache and the Apache line. I've tried a few other variations in Start Apache.

    Problem 3. I'm not sure which of several php executables eclipse wants to work with (php.exe, php-cgi.exe, php-win.exe or one of several dlls.)

    As a result, if I try to run any of my php code with RunAs? Server I get the message "The selection did not contain anything that can be run on a server".

    As I mentioned, the apache/php environment I have is properly configured to work outside of the eclipse environment so I know it's not too far off.

    I have poked and prodded around this and MANY other sites looking for an answer but have not found the missing link. And nowhere have I found a good overview that describes how the various .conf and .ini files interrelate with Eclipse preferences and which are the critical parameters.

    I'm sure hoping that there is help to be found here.