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EasyBMPtoAVI Version 0.55 Released

EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator is an easy-to-use, cross-platform application that converts a series of windows bitmap (BMP) images to an AVI movie file. Currently, EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator is supported on both little-endian (e.g., x86) and big-endian (e.g., PowerPC, Sparc) machines on any platform (e.g., Windows XP, Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux, Mac OSX). Scientists may find this software particularly useful for creating animated visualizations from series of still images.

Version 0.55 adds two major feature enhancements: allowing filenames to increment by N, rather than 1 (e.g., frame00.bmp, frame05.bmp, ...), and rescaling the input images to a user-specified size while creating the movie.

EasyBMPtoAVI may be downloaded as source or as a pre-compiled win32 binary here:


Release notes for Version 0.55 can be found here:


Additional support and documentation can be found at the EasyBMPtoAVI project website:


The EasyBMPtoAVI Project thanks its users for their helpful feedback and insightful feature requests. EasyBMPtoAVI is grateful for the support and hosting services of SourceForge.net. We hope that others find EasyBMPtoAVI as simple and effective as we do.

Best wishes - Paul Macklin (macklin01)

Posted by Paul Macklin 2006-11-13