EasyBMP Extensions 1.05.00 Released

EasyBMP is an easy cross-platform C++ library for reading and writing Windows bitmap (BMP) files. No installation, no need for external libraries, small in size, well-documented, and simple enough for the novice programmer to start in just minutes! EasyBMP particularly shines as an easy image input/output tool for scientists and other technically-minded people who may not be formally trained in programming.

Extensions Version 1.05.00 adds two major features to the OpenGL add-on: capturing screenshots and filming movies at a user-specified framerate (via a numbered sequence of screenshots). Both functions are windowing system-independent, and in particular, do not require GLUT. The OpenGL code sample has been updated to demonstrate the screenshot and movie filming functions, and a keyboard function has been added to facilitate this.

EasyBMP Extensions Version 1.05.00 can be downloaded from SourceForge at


and release notes and changelog can be found here:


Additional support, documentation, code samples, and add-ons can be found at the EasyBMP project website:


EasyBMP is grateful for the support and hosting services of SourceForge.net. We hope that others find EasyBMP as simple and effective as we do.

Best wishes - Paul Macklin (macklin01)

Posted by Paul Macklin 2006-11-12