Version 0.60 Released

Well, after extensive testing in linux, I'm happy enough with
the new version of the library to deprecate the legacy code.
With that, the core library is under 50KB. :-)

Also, a preliminary test of the library on an Ultra Sparc
machine with Solaris was good. The new library
compiles and runs fine; the only oustanding issues are
those of endianess. Once I learn how to detect and deal
with these issues, EasyBMP will be truly platform and
architecture independent!!! :-).

I'm currently looking (not very actively due to scheduling)
for testers on non-Intel chips. In particular, I'd like to
ensure that EasyBMP works well on x86-64. If you have
tested EasyBMP or are willing to, please send me a
note! -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-05-21