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Eagle Mode live distro

  • Mark McCorkle
    Mark McCorkle

    For me and anyone else that can read directions and has the right stuff on their machine for compiling source, eagle mode installs like a champ, but for the average user, a live CD might be a better option.  I know Eagle Mode isn't a full gnome/kde replacement (yet) so firing it up as the default window manager would render the pc less useful, but I could see a very slimmed down panel (no clock, transparent, only the start menu and the list of running apps, perhaps) with EagleMode running in the root window as being pretty usable (not to mention pretty cool eye-candy).

    I'd be willing to do all the foot-work on building you a thin distro based on Ubuntu with EagleMode compiled and running a minimal gnome panel if you'd be interested in having a live-cd version of EagleMode for people to run.  Just let me know.

    • Oliver Hamann
      Oliver Hamann

      There is already a live cd based on Slax. The image can be downloaded on http://eaglemode.sourceforge.net/download.html

      But if you create another one based on Ubuntu, please let me know.