Integration of Poppler PDF rendering library

  • Marcel Partap
    Marcel Partap

    have you investigated replacing the pdf conversion by using poppler yet? Should be pretty straight forward, sample frontends are included with the source code.Should greatly speed up PDF browsing, and obliterate hacks just as the following (did this to skim through a folder containing loads of PDFs..)

    -               double minViewPercentForTriggering=50.0,
    -               double minViewPercentForHolding=25.0
    +               double minViewPercentForTriggering=1.0,
    +               double minViewPercentForHolding=1.0
    -       InnerScale=0.2;
    -       minViewPercentForTriggering=70.0*InnerScale*InnerScale;
    +       InnerScale=0.99;
    +       minViewPercentForTriggering=1.0*InnerScale*InnerScale;

    #cheers! ;-)

  • Oliver Hamann
    Oliver Hamann

    Yes, using libpoppler seems to be the best possibility for developing a better PDF viewer. I will do it, but I don't know when.