badblocks reporting different results each time?

  • I have a disk that is reporting errors with badblocks, but they are different each time.
    Had a problem with system, and it dropped command prompt during a boot, and had to run the fsck on the root systems partition. After getting the system back up ran badblocks and got about 170 blocks listed. Ran it again, and got a different number, but looks like all blocks were different. Ran smartctl with the long test, and it reported no errors on the long test, but does list some errors with the -a option?

    Other partitions produce no errors with badblocks. Have run a full memtest cycle on machine, so Ram doesn't seem to be an issue. The /dev/sda1 (boot) has no errors, and /dev/sda3 (extra partition) report no errors, but the /dev/sda2 (LVM partition with root and swap) is reporting varying bad blocks. This is a 1T disk that is only about 1 year old.

    Have an image backup of the disk from Dec 16th that I placed on another disk, but haven't had a chance to do a swap disk test to see it that corrects the problem yet.