e2fsprogs compilie error

T Lee
  • T Lee
    T Lee

    Cannot compile e2fsprogs (v 0.4.10, and lower versions too).
    I can compile virgin e2fsprogs that is not patched with e2compr, but with the e2fsprogs tar ball downloaded from this site I get compile errors that complain about missing files.
    Can somebody load a binary package or a debian package? Thanks.

    • DanielEKFA

      Just received beautiful help from kermit in AOLM about the compiling error. This error seems to happen because of a bug in glibc-devel (Not confirmed yet! I'm reporting it as soon as I find out where to do so!).

      I'm running Mandrake with kernel and glibc-devel 2.3.3, so if your specs are the same or similar, it might pay off to try this (can't hurt):

      In the file from the e2fsprogs-e2compr source package,
      at the top is the include line,
          #include <linux/ext2_fs.h>
      - add a line so it now looks like this,
          #define _LINUX_EXT2_FS_SB
          #include <linux/ext2_fs.h>

      That did the trick for me. Perfect compile, all tests passed.

      Hope this helps anyone, and thank you kermit! :)