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e17genmenu / News: Recent posts

New Version

Released a new version (2.0.1). This version fixes a lot of the previous problems and now uses ecore whenever available.

Posted by Christopher Michael 2005-07-28

Segfault Fix !!

For those having segfaults with version 0.1.7 please update to 0.1.8 as they should be fixed now. Thanks hoarycripple, for the testing help !!

Posted by Christopher Michael 2005-06-06

Coming Soon

A new version is in the works !! e17genmenu will soon create debian menus also ! Thanks fulldisclosure !!

Posted by Christopher Michael 2005-05-24

Another New Release

Just release 0.1.6 which fixes problems with not finding gnome-run.png and also adds Icon Theme Support !!

Posted by Christopher Michael 2005-04-14

New Version

e17genmenu version 0.1.0 is a rewrite of the original code.
Added Menu Alphabetizing.

Posted by Christopher Michael 2005-03-05

Code Rewrite

e17genmenu is currently being rewritten. The current version on this site (0.0.4) should function fine for most users, but has a couple of issues. 1) The autogen.sh script may not work on your machine. If you experience this problem, try just using the configure script. 2) e17genmenu may segfault when parsing .desktop files that do not conform to FDO standards. (XCDRoast being a prime example, no NAME= entry). The problem is that e17genmenu does not yet handle different languages (rewrite). A solution to this would be to edit the .desktop and add a Name= entry.

Posted by Christopher Michael 2005-03-02

New Release

Version 0.0.3 adds support kde menus

Posted by Christopher Michael 2005-02-17