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Wrong context menu in variables view

  • Folks,

    When I run a perl debugging session (Eclipse/EPIC) I have a 'Variables' View available in my Debug Perspective.  The Variable view (more often than not) shows my local variables.  I wanted to get the global variables to display as well, so I read the EPIC Users Guide and then went and right clicked in the Variables view.  The context menu that appears in my installation is not the same at that shown in section 6.4.2 "Variables View" of the EPIC User Guide.

    Mine has
        Select All
        Copy Variables
        Enable [G]
        Disable [G]
        Change Value... [G]
        Add Watchpoint (C/C++)...
        Add Global Variables... [G]
        Remove Global Variables [G]
        Remove All Global Variables [G]

    where [G] indicates that the item is greyed out (not selectable).

    Why don't I get the same Context menu?

    I am running EPIC 0.6.34 and Eclipse SDK 3.4.2 M200902130801.



    • Jan Ploski
      Jan Ploski

      You're looking for the "other" context menu. Rather than right-click, left-click on the little arrow icon in the upper right corner of the view.

    • Right.  Got it now.

      Many thanks.