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Debugger not working with Cygwin Perl

  • I am using Eclipse 3.2.2 and EPIC 0.6.5.

    I used to work with ActivePerl and the EPIC debugger gave me a lot of trouble, probably because of PadWalker. I gave up on installing PadWalker with ActivePerl and tried to move to Cygwin.

    Installing PadWalker from CPAN in the Cygwin environment was very easy. I defined the correct Perl executable and selected "Cygwin" as "interpreter type". Perl programs seem to be executing correctly, but the EPIC debugger still doesn't work as i would expect.

    The Variables view says: "An error occurred while dumping global variables; contents of the Variables view may become invalid"

    The Expressions view says "Watch expressions not supported" (are they supposed to work if everything is installed correctly?)

    Thanks in advance.