• Hi Jploski

    I've been a subscriber to the EPIC mailing list for a few years, and I've seen you tirelessly and patiently  answer questions,  implement bug-fixes and respond to complaints with a degree of politeness that the original post often didn't deserve.

    From using plugins for other languages in Eclipse, I've realised that EPIC does a damn good job, a better job than most plugins.

    I wanted to say thanks for a great IDE, and thanks for your ongoing support.

    You and the other developers have made my work life a lot more productive and a lot less painful.


  • Jan Ploski
    Jan Ploski

    Clint, your positive feedback is appreciated. On my part I must say that the community of EPIC users has been supportive (e.g. in terms of reporting bugs, feature ideas, asking good questions) and that I regret not having more resources to put into the project or to actively seek publicity to attract developers. Dropping a few lines in the forum now and then is the least I can do…