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Content Assist

  • Torge Kummerow
    Torge Kummerow

    Hi everyone, I'm new to perl and epic.

    Could someone please confirm my findings about the (horrofiying) limitations of content assist?

    use MyPackage::<ctrl-v> will not list my sub packages/classes

    Content assist will not list Constants of a package/class (this one really hurts the most) if outside the class
    $val = MyPackage::SOME_CONSTANT;   (Content assist will not help here?)

    No method signature whatsoever?

    Hope someone can clarify this for me..

  • Torge Kummerow
    Torge Kummerow

    with ctrl+v I ment ctrl+space ofc.

  • dark2phoenix

    Did you go into the Perl Project settings and add paths to the locations of your custom classes?  I tend to put all my classes in the /lib directory of the project then just add that directory to the project path.  The good thing is that you can use the ${project} style variables Eclipse uses for paths, the not so good thing is that you can't edit any typos, you have to type the path in all over.